Stratos Sex Enhancing Male Virility Serum

Stratos Sex Enhancing Male Virility Serum is a new and effective natural supplement that is scientifically engineered to provide the most synergistic combinations of herbs and elements to enhance sexual and physical performance. Its potent testosterone-enhancing serum is rapidly absorbed with absolute bioavailability without any side effects.

Stratos adds strength and endurance to your sex life by bringing back the hormonal levels lost from aging to provide a surge of libido you had in your prime. If you are already prime, then it will increase your sexual potential to a new level.



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This product is for:

Healthy Men Who Want To Enhance Their Sexual Performance

Heightens Arousal Levels And Boosts Orgasm Intensity



It’s can be quite frustrating dealing with poor sexual performance. Therefore, it’s important to make an informed decision when it comes to taking pharmaceutical help as a fix for this problem. But, to make matters worse; the market is currently flooded with tonics, pills, and whatnot; all claiming to spark up your sex life. Popping a pill without proper knowledge of what all ingredients went into it; you could end up doing yourself more damage than good.

A number of factors make up the quality of your sex life such as individual preferences, emotional health and stability, and physical health. Therefore, it’s crucial that whatever product you subscribe to can amp up your nights without affecting other health aspects both mental and physical. You need something that could give you the edge without the side effects.

With that said, MMUSA –the premium health supplement brand that boasts of manufacturing 100% natural and safe products, has formulated Stratos Serum.

It has come up with an absolutely safe and natural formula. Made with the most potent ingredients; the product promises to elevate your sexual performance without disturbing your physical well-being.


With a unique and gentle blend of potent ingredients, Stratos balances the production of hormones to maximize your sexual arousal and performance. All the ingredients are clinically proven and absolutely safe; infused together for increased sexual desire, better lubrication, intense orgasms, and heightened climax.



A 100% bio-available formula is absolutely safe to use. It doesn’t take long for the serum to work its way into your body’s system. This is a natural product that comes with a promise of long-lasting sex, excitement, spontaneity, and guaranteed climax every single time.

The best sex of your is now just a little pharmaceutical help away. No expensive prescription drugs. Live passion and experience pleasure in the bedroom.


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How to use

Fill the dropper and place 1 ml of serum under your tongue. Repeat 4 more times. For best results, hold serum in your mouth until completely absorbed.


Vitamin B5
Co-enzyme a precursor kick starts the ATP cycle and adrenal hormone production.

Niacin (vitamin b3)
Enzyme transporter optimizes cellular energy production.

Vitamin b6
Helps metabolize protein + carbohydrates efficiently for optimal energy production

Folate (vitamin b9)
Repairs DNA and nourishes healthy red blood cells.

Vitamin B12
Vital for a healthy circulatory system and aerobic performance.


Tribulus Terrestris
Stimulates sex drive, and cranks up testosterone levels.

Damiana Leaf Extract
Enhances testosterone levels and sexual sensitivity + endurance.

Ginseng Root Extract
Promotes long-lasting erections + sustained sexual performance.

Avena Sativa
Enhances erotic sensation. Contains avenalin, a vital hormone-building block.

N-acetyl Carnitine
Powerful antioxidant increases sperm motility and volume.

Makes nitric oxide, opening penis blood vessels for thick and lasting erections.

Zinc Aspartate
Mineral compound signals testes to produce optimal serum testosterone.

Key Benefits

• Supports Firmer Erections
• Boosts Orgasm Intensity
• Increases Ejaculate Volume
• Heightens Arousal Levels
• Reduces Refractory Times
• Zero Side Effects