Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my return to be processed?

The time it takes the product to arrive back to our Headquarters will depend one where you’re shipping it from. Once the product has arrived, your return will be processed in 24-48 hours. Please note that due to bank processing times credit card refunds may take up to 5 business days to show on your statement.

Can I exchange a product if I’m not happy with the results?

Absolutely. We’ll ask you for a bit of information on why you are not happy with the product to send back to the brand. If you’re unhappy with a product you’ve purchased please contact us and we’ll happily exchange it for you.

Can I return a product if I’m outside the United States?

In most cases it’s not cost effective to return a product from outside the United States due to inbound shipping and customs duties. Don’t worry, we’ll still take care of you. Please reach out to our support team via¬† our live chat or contact form.