Dance Body Energizing Pre-Workout Creatine Serum

Dance Body Energizing Pre-Workout Creatine Serum safely boosts your body’s energy production chemistry. So you can create and tone leaner and firmer muscles. It’s the fastest and easiest way to get the most out of the most trusted and well-researched source of clean muscle energy – Creatine.



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This product is for:

Dance Athletes Who Want a Safe Source of Energy And Stamina

Improves Strength, Endurance, Agility And Coordination


Before Jazzercise, Zumba, and Barre, there was the dance studio. Back then it seemed that lithe and toned bodies were just for modern dancers and ballerinas. Times have changed. Now there’s a proven shortcut to the body you want.

Formulated for bioavailability, Dance Body Energizing Pre-Workout Creatine Serum will give you explosive strength and stamina. It will help you improve anaerobic output by accelerating ATP delivery to your muscles and combats lactic acid byproduct buildup, allowing you to push past fatigue so you can move with the beat longer.

Dance makes your workouts easier almost instantly. Because it absorbs directly in your mouth – not your stomach. You’ll be energized for up to 3 hours. Anytime you feel like sweating smarter. Dance will empower you to make your own beautiful music. Whether you have the sound on or not.

Formulated for bioavailability, Dance Serum will provide you an explosive strength and stamina. It will help you improve your anaerobic output by accelerating ATP delivery to your muscles and combats lactic acid byproduct buildup, allowing you to move longer with the beat.


Muscle is our first name. But our family name is USA. All our products are sourced and manufactured in the United States. We comply with all good manufacturing practices.


SINCE 1995

We have been committed to empowering athletes all over the world. Since our invention of Creatine Serum over 25 years ago, we have changed the way the world works out. By offering everyone who wants to try, the power to be their best.

How to use

The secret to making the toughest workouts easier is under your tongue. For the best effects: 5 minutes before you exercise use the dropper to place 5x1ml drops of Serum under your tongue. Hold the dosage in your mouth until fully absorbed.

When placed under your tongue Dance diffuses through your mouth’s mucous membranes. And rapidly enters your circulatory system. Because your stomach and intestines are bypassed there are no side effects. Plus the need for a loading phase, normal for supplementing with powdered creatine is eliminated. You’ll feel the effects quickly as your body rapidly absorbs the serum By the time you’ve finished stretching you’ll feel surging muscle energy. And depending on the intensity of your workout, you will enjoy extended endurance for between 2 and 3 hours.

Our Serums are 100% absorbable and 100% bioavailable. All our fruit flavors are yummy. You can also directly swallow Dance or mix it with juice, mineral water, or filtered tap water. But for the maximum energy boost, oral absorption is always best.


Calcium Pantothenate
The calcium salt of Vitamin B5 is a cell-protecting anti-oxidant


Easily absorbed muscle powering compound supercharges strength + power

Fast-metabolizing disaccharide fuels rapid high energy

Glucosamine Sulfate
Supports structural integrity of joints, connective tissues, + blood vessels

Eleutherococcus Senticosus Extract 1:4
Anti-Inflammatory adaptogen extends energy + endurance

Guarana Extract
Extends endurance and stimulates mental alertness

Triggers energy by stimulating fatty acid transport into cellular mitochondria

This anti-catabolic is essential to protein synthesis promotes muscle recovery

Green Tea Extract
Boosts energy production and accelerates fat-burning metabolism

Key Benefits

  • Pre-Workout Energizer
  • Boosts Muscle Energy
  • Powers Aerobic Exercise
  • Nourishes Lean Muscles
  • Triggers Fat Burning
  • 100% Bioavailable + Drug-Free