The more focus we are the more successful we can be in whatever we do. And on the hand, the more distracted we are the less well we can do. That’s how it is importance focus to us. It affects every aspect of  our lives, may it be work, school personal relationship and all.

But with today’s digital environment it makes us really hard to focus.  Like when you’re doing your much-needed report and then suddenly a phone call came or an urgent email received or client demanding attention. Stuff like these easily distracts focus.

Though multitasking is an important skill it has also its downside, it literally reduces our intelligence. Oftentimes we make mistakes, submit wrong reports or even misspelled words to name some. Having said so, it is essential to learn how manage our priorities in general. Aside from it is also important to workout our mind to get back that focus.

According to a research by Wendy Hasenkamp in Emory University there ae four basic moves in the mind’s workout for focused attention:

1) Bring your focus to your breath.

2) Notice that your mind has wandered off.

3) Disengage from that train of thought.

4) Bring your focus back to your breath and hold it there.

These  mental workout, if done with regularity and persistence, will make it easier to keep your focus where you need it to be. And on top of that it is also recommended to practice turning off all your distractions and committing your attention to a single task. Stay focus!

Workout your Mind – Get Focus!