“I feel depressed” This is an expression we often use when we feel sad or miserable about life. Usually, these feelings don’t last for a long time. But if these feelings persist and eventually affects your life and relationship, then you better consult your doctor. This could be a sign that you are under depression.

This kind of condition has become a phenomenon over years. Depression according to most researchers is not a kind of disease rather it is just a chemical imbalance. In short, it is not primarily a physical disorder.“Regarding depression as “just” a chemical imbalance wildly misconstrues the disorder. “- Psychology Today, March 1999

Also, it was found out by researchers that the overproduction of stress hormones is one of the biggest culprit of depression. Furthermore, studies also say that past adverse events in life may lead to this condition at a later time.

In this case, everyone should be cautious. Take steps to control stress, to increase your resilience and boost your self-esteem. Reach out to your family and friends especially when you feel extreme sadness or misery. Also, consider taking a supplement that helps increase your brain dopamine to maintain your normal brain activity for you to be in a depression free zone.

Understanding Depression

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