Having a plan is also as important as having a recovery plan afterwards.

When we do workout, we can’t avoid injuries like muscle torns. Below are the different types of it.

First Degree Strain. This only involves less than 5 percent of your muscle. This only result in mild pain and barely a loss of strength or range of motion in your muscle.

Second-Degree Strain. It is a partial tear that is characterized by more than mild pain with each muscle contraction. However, you may not have the ability to walk or stand without limping or feeling pain.

Third-Degree Tear. This is the worse type. It is an utter tear along the total width of the muscle, disallowing you to contract it at all. This type of tear may need immediate surgery since internal bleeding may result.

Immediate Remedies

Apply an ice pack to the torn muscle area for 20 minutes.

This will slow down the flow of blood to your injured muscle area. Take care not to ever massage the torn muscle area or apply heat to it; doing either will result in more blood flow to the area, which disrupts the opportunity for your muscle to heal.

Wrapping the torn muscle area is also a good idea.

This will compress and support your damaged area. You should also take care to ensure that your torn muscle area is kept elevated above your heart. Seeing a doctor is recommended, too, so you can determine exactly how serious your tear is.

On the following days, you may alternate between ice and heat treatments. Since torn muscles are liable to be torn once more, you are recommended to undergo physical therapy to build up the strength of your torn muscle.

Now, after doing these and nothing has improved consult your doctor right away.

Torn Muscle Strain Remedies