It is pointless to isolate the great powers of the bodybuilding industry. Young teens are aspired to build muscles and have strong body and growth so they can look attractive to the other gender. Nothing wrong with that at all.

However, god created us with certain limitations. For example, we cannot eat two lunches or 4 dinners although some may try. Muscles cannot grow at a faster speed rate without spending time and hard work at the gym. This in turn led to creative ways to short cut the process. This is the eagerness to look better now than few months from now.

So here comes our easy answer, steroids will un-naturally increases your muscles and your body will explode with muscles.  Muscles that last … forever….  May be not.   People attacking steroids use should be ashamed although I never used it or as the pro will say cycle it.

So, I developed for the seeker of steroids user a list of benefits which will help you decide your fate for the next few years.

  1. you will be the envy of other drugs addicts. other drugs can cause a person to lose reality and become delusional. you are in different sphere and different stage of delusion (good for you)
  2. you will experience changes in your attitude so you will not have to worry about being bullied because you will be the bully
  3. extreme aggressiveness and the feeling of superiority
  4. amazing heart rate speed
  5. extreme sweating
  6. the feeling of screaming and yelling
  7. increases awareness of the non-existence
  8. redness of the skin usually mistaken for red tan
  9. reaching the gym fast due to excess speed
  10. reaching the gym fast due to excess speed
  11. Increases act of throwing weight on the floor, yelling at gym members
  12. cancellation of membership due to vulgarity towards employees and gym members

In the end, you stay home and a lot of reports mentioned its non-benefits such as the imbalance of cholesterol level, liver damage, female breast growth, heart problem, enlarged prostate, acne and other damages of your other internal organs. Something you should not be worried about because your life will be short any way when you use steroids. So, enjoy your beautiful muscles while does not last long.

Steroid Is Good For You. Find Out the Benefits How? Bulk up Now Before It’s Too Late.

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