Ketogenic diet was used in 1920s as a treatment for epilepsy. From then, it has also been considered as a potential treatment for diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. And in 1970s, Atkins Diet® introduced a ketogenic strategy for weight loss.

Ketogenic diet as explained by Brian St. Pierre (MS, RD, CSCS & director of performance at Precision Nutrition) is very low in carbohydrates, low and protein and high in fat.” In this state, fat is converted into fatty acids and ketone bodies which can supply energy in the brain. On top of that, this diet lowers the glucose levels and enhances insulin resistance.

Some finds that this diet helps them manage their hunger and cravings, lose body fat and make achieve their body fitness goal.  On the other hand, some experiences brain fog and relatively low energy.  In this regard, it is right to say, like other weight loss diets, it will work for some but not for everyone. It is essential that before trying any diet plan, it is better to consult a dietitian for a better help.

Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss