Over the years, the number of men who takes testosterone supplements has dramatically increased. Debates has come out to whether it is safe or not.

There are studies that says testosterone supplementation can associated with heart attack. On the other hand, a more recent study by National Institutes of Health concluded the opposite, that in fact testosterone supplementation does not harm the heart but rather may even protect it.

From these varying conclusions, we can say that testosterone supplements, just like any medicines should be taken in considerations. Before rushing in to over- the -counter stores and choosing testosterone supplement, the following should be considered:


The testosterone level varies with your age. So, it is much important to consider it to get the right prescription.

Health Status

If you have pre-existing health condition, it is strongly recommended to visit your doctor. For those who have or are at risk for prostate disease, this effect may prove costly to your health.


Defining your goals in taking testosterone supplements is essential. The testosterone needed for muscle building and sexual enhancement is clearly different.

Bottom line, anything taken in excess will always have a negative impact on your health. Best thing to do is to know your body’s needs and most importantly, consult your doctor for a more precise prescription.

Is it Safe to take Testosterone Booster?