Creatine may be known as something for body builders and hardcore gym goers, but through time, it was found out that it could give cyclists an edge as well. According to a series of studies creatine can help cyclists ride harder for a longer time.

Below are the most distinct advantages of creatine:

1. Creatine supplementation enhances muscle force recovery after eccentrically-induced muscle damage in healthy individuals. (Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition)

Supplementing with creatine,will show “a significant improvement in the rate of recovery” following training-induced “injury” (or strain) on muscles.

2. Creatine-induced activation of antioxidative defense in myotube cultures revealed by explorative NMR-based metabonomics and proteomics. (Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition)

The ability to recover is as important as the ability to train hard, and if creatine supplements can improve recovery time, then that might be a great boon for cyclists who need to pack a lot of training in to a short period of time

3. Creatine supplementation can improve endurance in high intensity trainings ((Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition)

Creatine is efficient in providing endurance. In turn, it will give you the ability to have longer trainings you needed to stay on your game. Also, when you hit the gym to build strength in the legs, creatine is definitely a help.

Is Creatine Beneficial for Cyclist?