Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is one of the most avoided topic among men but ironically this condition is very much common among male sexual dysfunction especially to those who ages from 30 to 70 years old.

According to WebMd, below are the list of of ways to avoid ED:

• Watch Your Weight
Being overweight according to study can be more prone to diabetes which may lead to erection problem. Keep a healthy weight.

• Try a Mediterranean Diet
Maintain a pro heart diet like eating fresh fruits and veggies, fish and whole grains to avoid heart disease which is associated to ED.

• Manage Your Blood Pressure
Monitor your blood pressure. If less blood flow to your penis, a problem may occur in your erection

• Cut Down High Cholesterol
Cholesterol can clog the flow of your blood. This in turn gives you a hard time to keep an erection.

• Get Diabetes Under Control
High blood sugar can damage the nerves and blood vessels in your body including those in your penis.

• If You Smoke, Quit
Smoking narrows your blood vessels which affects the normal flow of your blood. In this case ED may occur.

• If You Drink, Keep It Moderate
Heavy drinkers get low libido and affects their erection.

• Get Exercise
A study shows that even a 30-minute walk each day could lower your chance of having ED.

• Keep Tabs on Testosterone
Monitor your testosterone. Taking a hormonal supplement that balances hormones is a great help as you aged.

• Don’t Use Anabolic Steroids
Quit harmful steroids as it this may shrunken your testicles.

• Manage Stress
Cut down your stress levels. This can make your libido in low level.

• Treat Sleep Apnea
Study shows that sleep disorder can be link to ED. If you have this condition, better consult your doctor for immediate treatment

• Know Your Medication Side Effects
ED is a side effect of some prescribed drugs such as diuretics (water pills), anti-depressants, muscle relaxer, cancer drugs, antihistamines, opioid painkillers. If you use any of these drugs and you start to have erection problems, talk to your doctor immediately.

• Be Proactive
Be aware of your own self. If you experience a more often problem with your erection, talk to your doctor immediately.

How to Avoid Erectile Dysfunction?