Creatine is formed from amino acids and plays a vital role in converting food into energy. We get some creatine from our diets, mostly from meat and fish, and our bodies make the rest naturally. Creatine is also a popular and somewhat controversial supplement used by some athletes in the belief that it enhances performance.

According to the article “Creatine and Cardio Performance” by Derek Bryan, creatine is useful in reducing negative physical effects of exercise, improving efficiency during performance and accelerating recovery.

  • Reduced Muscle Soreness
  • Increased Muscle Growth After Training
  • Improved Cardiovascular Efficiency
  • Greater Efficiency in Heat

During training where you incorporate a burst of speed or power, creatine can absolutely prove its usefulness. With that saying, creatine appears to modestly increase anaerobic cardiovascular capacity.

Also, creatine supplementation is inexpensive, readily available and proven in over hundreds of studies to have a beneficial effect under most conditions relevant to both athlete and gym workout enthusiasts.

Creatine for Maximum Cardio Performance