There’s a lot of speculation about whether taking coffee detox is needed before a cycling competition.

Based on the article Do You Really Need a Pre-Race Caffeine Detox? by Alex Hutchinson, a recent study in Journal in Applied Physiology led by Bruno Gualuno at the University of Sao Paolo found out that indeed, caffeine boosts athlete’s performance. In their experiment, they put 40 well-trained cyclists who abstained from caffeine for 24 hours before they went to their trial race. Subsequently, the outcome was predictable and they concluded that:

“When caffeinated, the cyclists went 2.5 percent faster, on average, compared to the placebo condition (term used to describe a method of research in which an inactive substance is given to one group of participants), and 3.3 percent faster than the no-supplement control condition. “

I certainly agree with this findings. Caffeine is actually one of the most widely researched areas of sports performance, perhaps because there’s a lot of sports supplements which has caffeine as one of their essential ingredients.

So, if you were wondering if coffee before a race is bad, by now you probably thinking it’s the other way around. Coffee isn’t just there to warm you up and give you a morning boost, it is actually going to improve your health and certainly improve performance.

Could Caffeine Boost Athlete’s Performance?

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