As we age, muscle is harder to build and maintain. Things don’t tend to work as when we were younger. Our muscle takes longer to recover and our endurance starts to decline. In fact, most of men when they hit their 30s, they start to reduce lean muscle by 3 to 8 percent every decade.

In this regard, a study published in Cell Metabolism, suggest that a certain workout specifically High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) may help to rejuvenate protein-building factories in our cells, known as ribosomes, and boosts the energy-producing capacity of our cells’ powerhouses, known as mitochondria. As we get older, the ability of our mitochondria to generate energy declines. This study suggests HIIT can help to reverse the age-related changes seen in mitochondria.

For that matter, it is highly recommended for adults to have regular resistance training like HIIT to build and keep muscle. Also eating a healthy balanced diet and getting your blood pressure checked regularly can also go a long way to keep you going.

On the other hand, HIITT is not for everyone. Just like taking any medicine, before starting on this training, it is necessary to consult it first with your doctor particularly if you have pre-existing medical conditions

Can HIIT Slow Down Muscle Ageing?