Obesity has become a phenomenon in all parts of the world. The number of people suffering from this condition has been dramatically increasing through the years.

Researchers has spieled a lot of causes and solutions to addressed this condition. According to a study published in PMC US National Library of Medicine (2013), “Reducing obesity will require modifying both energy intake and energy expenditure and not simply focusing on either alone.”

In that statement, it implies that having an energy balance has a huge impact in reducing obesity. Our energy intake should equal the way we spend it (energy out). In connection, bodyweight can change only when energy intake is not equal to energy expenditure over a given period.  Now if people has more than “energy in” than expenditure, then as expected weight is excessively gain and obesity occurs.

In that case, maintaining a healthy body weight requires everyone to have the right knowledge on how to match our practice of energy intake and expenditure. In simpler way, let’s not have the tendency to overeat and then under exercise. It is also important that this practice be pass down to the younger generation

Ultimately, making an effort to have a smarter and healthier choices for our lifestyle, is a great way to achieve the better and healthier version of ourselves. After all health is wealth.

Achieve Energy Balance. Reduce Obesity Now!

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