Back in 1995. 

I had started using creatine because of a very pretty girl. She had encouraged me to be buff. She was also very fond of some other bodybuilders. And liked the way they looked. So she wanted me to look more like them. The things we will do for those we care about is amazing, isn’t it?

I was a lawyer. Who liked to lift weights. Who felt comfortable with and admired many of the dedicated bodybuilders I had met in California during my undergraduate and law school years.

I started using  creatine to build my muscles and increase my stamina , but my stomach was experiencing lot of irritations and could not handle the amount of powder I had to consume .  I told my self , there must be a way to use creatine without the hassle of loading , maintenance and all the water consumption I had to take .

There was none .

To be clear, I am not a chemist. Nor have I ever dared to claim to be one. I hated chemistry in school. I cannot remember reading a single thing about chemistry. The only thing I knew was that water is H2O.

A while back I had met by coincidence a genius chemist , his name is Dr Omar and we became very close friend . Dr. Omar had perfected vitamin C in a stable liquid form where others fail .

A simple call to Dr. Omar reveals to me that creatine can be stable in liquid but it has to go through a process of stabilization . Most of my call was like Chinese to me . However, Dr Omar promised to send me few bottles of actual creatine in liquid form made for me only .

At that time , I was not attempting to create a new product or market any thing to any one . I was happy being a writer and a lawyer . I just wanted to be stronger and buffer .Very simple .

A few weeks later, Fedex came knocking. They delivered a few large barrels of something resembling a red liquid. The shipping label indicated that the sender was Dr. Omar’s company!

I opened the container and a beautiful cherry aroma blew over me like a hail of cherry blossoms. It smelled like it was made from cherries the size of soccer balls. This made me very happy. I love cherries.  The jewel-like liquid was a deep, rich red. It looked somehow exactly like it was supposed to look.  I tasted it. Fantastic!

I was so excited to try it … to get myself bigger and buffer, with larger muscles and better definition. In a shorter training period. But to also do longer and longer workouts before reaching my exhaustion point! This stuff was going to be my shortest and fastest way to win my girl’s fickle heart. Yes, I know I was wrong to think this way but I was young – so please forgive me.

I took a few spoonful of the red creatine liquid and went to the gym to train. Both my girl and Nick the Trainer were amazed. Suddenly I could lift more. A lot more. I can do more reps. What’s more, I felt stronger. And proved it by achieving new personal highs in bench press, military press and squats.

Nick shook his head in disbelief. And then asked me what I’d taken. He had a store in Seattle that sold all sorts of things that I had never considered using. So I told him about my challenge to Dr. Omar. And about the arrival of the barrels of creatine in liquid form.

He was very impressed. And asked me to give him some, so he could try it with his training clients. He told me that creatine could not be in a liquid form because it is inherently unstable. He had a PhD. So he knew a lot . He was like a dictionary of the best supplement to use .

There was a bully in the supplement industry. His name was Bill  – a classic overbearing

Anyway, he had bought a company from two partners. One guy was named Anthony and the other partner was Ed. They named their business EAS-geddit?  Oh yeah – the S stood for secretary. They were very enlightened. Now it’s called Experimental Applied Science. Bill also owned a magazine – Muscle Media 2000.

Don’t bother looking for it. That rag died a well-deserved death some years ago. My initial thoughts were that this magazine looked great. I was sure they would appreciate the amazing new thinking and exciting information that my product development had uncovered.  I’ve had never been so wrong.

When I had launched, Bill had taken immediate notice. At the time, I was writing a lot about creatine. And speaking to anyone who would give me a hearing about how creatine in liquid serum form was better and safer.  Naively, I thought he was running a legit magazine.  So I submitted a carefully written   article with the title “Watch Out For Fake Creatine.”

My piece listed all the reasons why creatine in powdered form loses a lot of potency inside the body. You see, our bodies only absorb a fraction of creatine consumed at any given time. Thus, more is not better. Anyhow, that article landed at Bill’s magazine like a baby lamb thrown to hungry wolves.

The fact was, Bill had cornered the market in powdered creatine! And was promoting a product called Phosphagen, containing creatine and dextrose. He was advising people to take 20-30 grams of creatine as loading for 5 days. Yikes! And then reduce intake down to 10 -5 grams. That’s lot of creatine to swallow!

But it also meant high consumption. Which was very good for you if you were selling the stuff. Because it meant high volume sales and more profit for his company. So he was probably thinking who was this young guy who came out of nowhere, trying to pull a fast one on the supplement industry?

He must have felt threatened, because he started going after me with a vengeance. The latest issue of Muscle Media 2000 came out and voila – there was the article I had written. There was my headline – “Watch Out For Fake Creatine”.   I was really happy to see it in print …. But wait a minute… only the headline was my original content!

The article that followed was a vicious attack on my product. I was temporarily in a state of shock… But the more I read that article, the more I sensed the weakness and vulnerability of the supplement industry. Bearing in mind that at the time I knew almost nothing about the industry at all.

So Bill started to shred me and my invention on the pages of the magazines he owned. The first things that I learned? They were afraid of change. And new products that did things better made them get poopy pants – as my 3-year-old nephew would say.

After all, I was just playing around. And having fun. My day job was writing law books in other languages. And acquiring new clients for the law firm where I was an associate.

But I was still upset about how this idiot had stolen my headline and to add insult to injury, printed lies about my new product. That was the real injustice – as well as theft.  I didn’t really care about what he had written because it exposed him for exactly who he was.  And what he stood for.

Then to my surprise, my e-mail in box began to fill with requests for my products. I thought that maybe these people would call me after receiving their shipment and complain. Or insult the product. But I was wrong. Really wrong.

I now had so many orders from people asking to buy the product I couldn’t fill them all right away.  I had just a small inventory at the time. A few bottles that I used for my own training.

My first website received hundreds of visitors per day. It was just a few pages of text and a poor quality digital picture of the creatine serum bottle. But it didn’t seem to matter. Thousands of people wanted creatine serum. And they wanted it now. So I scrambled to make sure they got it.

That led me to establish my company Muscle Marketing USA (MMUSA) which owns since 1995. For many years, I was feeling that merging the two website, the corporate site and is not wise. That is why we are launching this site to encourage readers to write their articles and opinion. we won’t try to use this site to push our line of products as they are available on We are a neutral and fair player and we wont use this site to be the judge on any other competitive products or companies.

That was the beginning of my journey. I can tell you more and more but it this section is not meant to be a book. so I leave it for now. feel free to comment or ask questions.