We often hit the gym, do CrossFit to tone our body, build muscle and burn fat but don’t you know that aside from those, our brain also benefits from this exercise?

According to Tamara Ackay from her article How Does CrossFit Affect Our Brains?  high intense workouts which includes CrossFit, indeed improves our cognitive for two reasons:

  1. Exercise increases oxygen flow into the brain, which reduces brain-bound free radicals. One of the most interesting findings of the past few decades is that an increase in oxygen is always accompanied by an uptick in mental sharpness.
  2. Exercise acts directly on the molecular machinery of the brain itself. It increases neurons creation, survival, and resistance to damage and stress

I agree with this study. These findings also suggest that CrossFit increases hormone levels that help promote and maintain brain function. Also, doing workouts regularly improves our body and health. The same thing with our brain, the more we put our body to work actively, the more we become sharper.

So, start your CrossFit workout now and commit yourself to it like you are taking a prescription medication. After all, they say that exercise is one of the best medicine. Stay active and sharp!

CrossFit For a Sharper Brain

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